Now Europa is HitsMobile 

At Europa Network we have always believed in transformation and innovation, that´s why we are now HitsMobile. We evolve to improve ourselves, but our commitment to you remains the same: to provide you with the best Internet and mobile service.


Make a note of our
new contact
number: 1770

We will be ready to answer your call, with our easy number and in English, of course.

Your services and
tariffs will remain
the same

You will continue with the same services and the same tariffs. Like always. Nothing changes.

Same Customer Service, same persons

The same friendly agents will be ready to assist you if you have any doubt or problem.

Access your client space without any changes

Access your HitsMobile client space with your current username and password.

Download MyHitsMobile App

The Europa app will shortly no longer be available,  download the MyHitsMobile app now and access your personal data with your current username and password.

Remember that the Europa website will soon disappear. Keep up to date with all our news by accessing the Hits website.

New brand, better services! Start enjoying our new Agile TV service from 6€ per month.

still not sure?

You won´t be affected at all! You will continue with the same tariffs and services, but your invoices will be issued by HitsMobile (Xfera Moviles S.A.U).

No, you don´t need to do anything, we will continue to provide you with the same services and with the same conditions. Just continue enjoying the best connectivity!

Of course! Nothing will change, just our name.

You can check your personal information from your Customer Area on the Europa website and/or from accessing MyHits using your current username and password. Just remember that you won´t be able to access your Customer Area from the Europa website in the next few months.

As the Europa app will disappear in the next few months, we recommend that you download MyHitsMobile app, in either the Android or iOS version.  You can access MyHitsMobile app using your current username and password.

Check out the HitsMobile contract Terms and Conditions here.

You can contact us by calling our new Customer Service number 1770 and/or by sending an email to the same customer service email address.